About Us

Calabrone Australian Shepherds is owned by Jodie Strait of Huntersville, NC.  The name Calabrone is Bumble Bee in Italian and frankly Bummy is the heart and soul of our doggie world.

We are what you would call a small hobby kennel – emphasis on the small!  Our dogs our pets first and athletes second.  They also must adhere to the understanding that the Cat Mafia rules the house.  Australian Shepherds are WORKING stock dogs, the most important aspect is their herding instinct.  You can have it all - a pretty dog that can also work!

My first Aussie was a phenomenal working bitch named Arrow.  She was a gorgeous black tri that everyone loved to borrow when they needed their cattle moved!  She lived to 19 years young.

After over twenty years in horses, I decided a change was needed and decided to pursue the dog world.  Because I was not sure if I wanted to do conformation or agility or obedience I wanted a dog that could do it all and obviously the Aussie was a natural place to go.

We breed very infrequently but welcome anyone to contact us if they are looking for a puppy or older Aussie as I will be happy to help you locate your perfect new friend!  Feel free to call or email me I love to talk Aussies!