Our New addition

I have been on pins and needles until it was official and now it is - CH Mysharas Ticket To A Celebration is moving to Calabrone!  I have loved her since she was a puppy and now she is joining the pack!  I will be co-owning her with Sharon Fontanini of Myshara Aussies. 

She is such a lovely girl inside and out, a pedigree to die for and sound, strong and the sweetest girl on the planet.  We have big plans for her, a herding title, finishing her Grand Championship and maybe some Rally.  I just booked her flight and cannot wait until I have her all to ME.

New Pup Photo Gallery is up

The Stinger x Diamond litter gallery is now up.  We have pretty much all of the puppy's reserved but two a black tri male and a red tri female we have interest in both and hope to have the litter sold OUT.  Best of all we have a great group of owners and that is the best part.

If you want to check them out click HERE.

Show Those Pearly Whites

Took the boys to the vet for their annual bloodwor and decided to have my vet officially check their teeth and submit with OFA their Dentition.  I already knew they were not missing teeth and so it was not a surprise that they had all their teeth.

We filled out the forms and it only cost $15 per dog so now there is no way for anyway to not be assured that they have all of their teeth.  In the Aussie breed standard it calls for a full mouth of teeth - yes there are dogs missing teeth and so it is a fault but honestly there are bigger issues.

I think most breeders should do the test - any vet can fill it out and it is $15.  if you cannot afford it, then you should not be breeding.  This is a new test so hopefully more will do it.

And by the way their physical examinations were great - and the boys enjoyed getting loved on by everybody in the office.

Let Him Eat Cake

We had a party for Stinger's Reserve Best in Show.  He got his own cake and then a great dinner of a rib eye, rice and green beans.  He was in heaven!  The other dogs were not leftout and each got a canine cannoli  We have a wonderful canine bakery and it is always a treat for them.

Now of course, Stinger is on a big time diet.  He and I are going to start running to try and get into shape.  We will worry about that tommorrow - today we are still celebrating!

Reality Setting In

I slept about four hours last night despite taking ZZNyquil - my mind is trying to get around a Reserve Best in Show.  People have carefully planned campaigns and spend thousands in advertising and only a fraction even win a Group.  Dogs on their 5th weekend out showing with NO advertising campaign are not supposed to do this.

I am so humbled by this - I have the best people around me.  And I had so many people genuinely happy for me and Stinger.  I have always had faith in him but I never dreamed of ever getting a RBIS.  Stinger made the Dog Show Poop Blog which is kind of like the Drudge report of the dog world.  I immediately burst into tears.

On Cloud 9 - and heading up to the show now.