Registered Name: Stone Ridge Inverness Glitterati
Breeding: HOF HOFX AKC/ASCA Ch. Terra-Blue Just Too Hot x AKC/ASCA Ch. Stone Ridge Sexy Perfected
Call Name: Glitter
Owners: Jodie Strait, Jennifer Cannon, Cherrie Cannon and Erin Swain
Bred By: Jennifer Cannon, Cherrie Cannon, Marjorie Trip and Erin Swain
Handled By: Jodie Strait and Megan Hof

AKC and ASCA registered

Testing:  Cone Degeneration: TBD, Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: TBD, Collie Eye Anomoly TBD, Degenerative Myelopathy: TBD, Hereditary Cataract: TBD, E-Locus:  TBD MDR: TBD, OFA Eyes: Normal (tested 2016), OFA Dentition: TBD, OFA Hips: Pending, OFA Elbows: Pending, CHIC #:  Pending, DNA: ASCA Pending, AKC Pending.

Titles: Princess Glitter

I had been watching this miracle litter from well, honestly before they were born.  Their dam Tatum is owned by my dear friends Jenn and Cherrie Cannon and my "phone-A-Friend" Erin Swain.  Erin helped me when I had to hand raise Bacon's litter and has been one of the people I trust in dogs and in life the most.  Her Tatum son "Redmond" aka AKC/ASCA CH Inverness Stone Ride Red Shift was WInner's Dog at 2016 USASA Nationals as well as ASCA Premier at the 2016 ASCA Nationals.  More than that Redmons is my BUDDY.  So when the opportunity to get a puppy out of Tatum I jumped.  Okay I leaped.

Tatum is a tremendous producer and was a wonderful show dog as well.  She is the dam of multiple AKC and ASCA Champions and I have no doubt she will be a Hall of Fame dam.  Glitter is from her third and final litter.  Not to be outdone, Glitter's sire is Cajun aka AKC/ASCA CH Terra Blue Just Too Hot HOF HOFX.  Born in 1992, Cajoun was an amazing dog and definitely a dog before his time.  The decision to breed Tatum to Cajun via frozen semen was done with much thought - and luckily for the Cannon's and Erin, it worked out great!.

I am so excited to see what path we follow with Glitter - she is so sweet and smart and also laid back.  Nothing scares or phases her a bit.  We have such big plans for her in the show ring as well as doing some performance too.  She already has her first photo shoot planned for USASA Nationals!  I told her she better get used to the camera!