We are not afraid of MUD

The Newman Georgia show was outside and it rained.  I am told it was all mud.  Lots and lots of mud.  Luckily herding dogs love mud - Stinger thinks mud is great.

As luck would have it the judge (who probably did not love mud) thought Stinger was awesome.  So awesome he was named Best of Breed over 20 Aussies (including the #1 Aussie in breed points) and then so awesome that he was the third best herding dog at the show.

My FIRST Best of Breed.

My FIRST Group Placement.

Lenny said the ring was a mess and the win photos show a mud caked RedDog and he is in jeans that are covered in mud.

It is going to be my favorite photo EVER I think!

RedDog does it again!

Stinger is always doing the right thing.  He is the honor student that is also an All American in sports, everyone's best friend - you know that guy in high school you wondered if they ever had a hair out of place or if they truly were too good to be true.

Well in RedDog's case he is.

Putting him in an impossible situation, a really tough circuit (one of the toughest shows of the year), after a YEAR out of the ring, with a brand new handler he took on the number one dog...and while David did not beat Goliath (again we were Select) we did give him a run for the money.  And I could not be prouder.

In that class was the dog that won Eukanuba and a Group 1 winner and three other dogs and this sweet young boy went out with there and tried his best.  And I am still beaming.

We have no real advertising (I only do the Australian Shepherd Journal which is pointed to other breeders not the larger magazines for the shows) we are not campaigning but it is nice that my sweet baby boy is being recognized for the structurally correct boy that he is.

We got eight Grand Championship points - we need 25 points in total and in that we need three majors and three champions defeated.  With these two events we have two of our three majors and two of the three Champions defeated. 

Go RedDog Go!

Go Stinger Go

Raleigh show has not been kind so far.  Memphis has been reserve twice torturing me for that final major he needs!  Stinger is showing okay but the specials is deep (#1 Aussie in the country, 2013 Eukanuba winner and then Jamie's Special Richie) with three of the six male specials being in the Top 10 of the country. 

It is really tough because Jamie and Richie are right behind Stinger and Stinger wants his Daddy Jamie and keeps looking back for him - it is cute yet sad.

Today he was still rattled a bit but when he was focused he showed really well.  And it seems well enough to get Select to Trent the #1 Aussie in the county!  This is huge because this is deep show and he held his own AND is still learning the ropes.  Cannot thank Lenny enough for the great handling on Stinger.

Luckily the next few weeks we are not going to be seeing Jamie so Lenny and Stinger can get more in sync.

And we got four Grand CHampion points plus have one of our three majors and dogs defeated. Go RedDog!

Also please note THIS is untouched - this is 100% all Stinger!

Long Night

I was heading to bed last night when I got a text, my friends girl who was scheduled for a C Section went into labor early.  I met her at the Emergency vet and luckily we had a 100% success!  All five puppies were born and all are doing well.  I of course got 2 hours of sleep and am so tired.

It just is kind of funny, the poor ER vet is not used to breeders coming in - I think we knew more about C sections then him (he did a great job)  We were going over plans for all of the puppies (you have to work on them to wake them from the anesthesia, made sure they were using Propofol (MDR dogs are very resistant to many anesthesias) and then not spaying vs spaying (you should never spay during a C Section unless forced to due to the loss of blood).

It all worked out and that is the best part!

I am going to take puppy pictures tomorrow - I am going to a CAT trial this weekend so I need to go early.  Cannot wait to see the babies!


Can you keep a secret?

Stinger has been retired from competition for about a year.  Everyone said it would take a long time for a red tri to finish.  That they are the hardest dog to finish.

In five weekends in 2013 Stinger won..a lot.  He won at prestigous venues like Chicago and Louisville - he was the little red dog that could and so he was in and out of the ring like a flash.

Now we are kind of in a waiting game - he will go out an campaign in a few years but for now he stays home.  Male dogs take time to mature (see Memphis), especially from his bloodlines.  So it is kind of like watching paint dry.

But we have decided to do a few shows and get his Grand Championship.  Jamie is campaigning a dog so he is not available to show him so we have asked Lenny Brown to take him out for us.  Lenny is a great herding dog handler and so it just made sense.  It is going to be weird seeing Stinger out in the ring without Jamie on his lead but it is a great opportunity and I am excited for everyone to see how Stinger has matured.

Go Go RedDog!

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