Big Red BABY

Memphis went to Jamie's to get ready for the show in Tennessee.  Last year this show was one and two points, this weekend everyone decided to come and it is huge - bitches is a five point major every day and dogs are three points.

With Memphis gone Stinger has turned into a baby.  He is so sad and mopey that his best friend and brother is gone.  He constantly follows me around and flops down and sighs.  He snuck his squeaky snake into his crate and I did not have the heart to take it away...until at 5 am he started squeaking it.

All day he was trying to jump into my lap and sit with me (something hard to do when he weighs 55 pounds.  Such a brat but oh so cute.

Puppy Pictures Updated

I went to visit the puppies this weekend.  They are getting so big, the pictures are updated.  They are about to go from gerbil phase to looking like puppies - I am going back on Thursday to visit them instead of the weekend because Stinger and I are going to a CAT Trial.

What is a CAT Trial?  A Coursing Ability Trial well here is a video.  Basically it is a chance for non-sighthounds to run like they are greayhounds.  It is a fun sport - Sugar has two titles so I thought it would be fun to let her brother try (Memphis who would probably like it the most cannot go because he is at a dog show)  So Stinger and I are going to try it.

I am not sure how he is going to do - he is kind of a slug.  So he is going to love it or look at me like I am insane.  Jamie laughed his butt off when I told him I was going to run him.  I hope I can get three qualifying runs to get our first performance title!

And hopefully Memphis can do well at the show in Tenessee (yeah MEMPHIS is in Tennessee LOL)



Today is just one of those days.  A good friend of mine got some not-so-good health news which is kind of putting me in a tailspin.  I keep looking at the puppies to cheer myself up.

Then it happened, another second generation Back Yard Breeder popped up.  You would think that the local Aussie back yeard breeder would realize selling these puppies with full papers would be cutting into their market.  But no, they are not that smart so they sell a puppy extoling the *extreme high quality* and another sucker is born.  Now to be fair most of the buyer walk away, spay or neuter and go one their merry way.  But a few look at it as easy money.

I mean the dogs are show quality (just ask the BYB he will tell you) and people just want a pet and they can make a buck.  If you have read my blog long enough you know that showing to me is a small minority of what makes up the dog.  It is the temperament, health, physical structure, the trainability etc.  The way you etermine this is testing and competing.  Form and function.

Then you look at bloodlines and structure and health and make a decision to strengthen the breed.  Puppies are years in the making.  Don't laugh I plan at least a generation ahead - what I am looking to do next.  Making puppies is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Or you can call a breeder and say you want a black tri male with four white stockings and a collar and if he is old enough to breed so be it...see he bought pups from two local idiots and is going to set himself up as a breeder.  When asked about OFA screening he first said they were done (considering neither of his girls are 2 years old that is interesting) then he said he did not have to because the generations behind the dogs had been so they had to be clean.


So this dimwit began lecturing that some people just want a pet and that is his market, of course in his mind he plans to sell them for the same price I do.  So let me get this straight, I have spent at least $10,000 on each of my boys to show them, train them, do health tests (not counting the laptop Memphis owes me for frying it!) but he pland to just throw up a website and watch the money rake in.

Oh I forgot he already has one litter, only had two puppies.  One was born and the other was stuck, he explained he tried to get it out but he could not so THE NEXT DAY he took the mother to the vet (so lucky I could not reach through the phone to take him out).  So he is an idiot and incredibly poor dog owner.  The fact his dog did not go septic and die I am not sure.

But welcome the next generation...believing all the hype, doing no homework and producing sub standard puppies for the masses...and then another generation is born.

I will try to be less crabby tomorrow...just frustrating.


We have a few shows in March that we are doing, hoping that Memphis can finish his conformation title...fingers crossed!  But April and May look to be filled with HERDING!  I am not sure who loves herding more - me or the DOGS.

So we will do the Herding Instinct Test which basically is a two and a half minute exercise where you show your dog has instinct and that you can manuever the sheep.  Then we move on to the Pre Trial test where you have to manuver around gates, change direction and then move the sheep again the opposite direction.

Once we finish those then we need to move on to trialing, Stinger I think we may do ducks and Memphis sheep or I may do them both with sheep who knows.  But herding is really fun and the people are great and the boys LOVE it (not so much Bummy she is lazy and would rather play with ME).

Now I need to send off the entries and hope we get in (trials only allow 50 runs per day).  We also want to be AHBA (American Herding Breed Assciation) and ASCA but for now I really want my AKC title.  Then I hope to move to agility and Rally.  The boys are pretty good on agility (mostly Memphis, Stinger has the grace of a Water Buffalo or Moose).

That is what I love about an Aussie - there are SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO with the same dog!  How cool is that!

And it goes VIRAL

A few years ago after watching this blowhard Back Yard Breeder at a show kissing up to my handler and literally lying through his teeth about his puppies I started to wonder, how did he get his first Aussie and what the HELL did he sound like.  Of course I took that and ran with it and took him to an extreme (ha ha he calls his dogs EXTREME high quality in real life - I made a funny!) for humor but it made me giggle.

Well a week or so ago someone started sharing it - it had like 100-200 views and now it is at 11,000 about to go to 12,000.  And even funnier A FRIEND FORWARDED IT TO ME.  Cracked me up.  SO if you have not seen it (feel free to keep sharing ha ha ha) here it is:

The Puppy Buyer From Hell

And this Blog post accompanied it...

Top 10 Reasons You May Be A Bad Dog Breeder

10. You proclaim to everyone that your dog’s progeny are the highest quality and all the top dog breeders/owners/handlers are begging for them, yet you sell your puppies in the local paper.

9. When asked if your dog has been CERFed you say that while your dog loves water you do not live close enough to the ocean to take it surfing.

8. You whine, moan and complain about the politics of dog showing yet the closest you have come to a dog show is watching Westminster on television.

7. You proclaim your Yorkshepoodle is the newest hot breed because you picked up a litter of mixed breed puppies on Craigslist for free and figure some idiot will pay a couple of bucks for them and by saying they are a cross between a small, medium and large breed dog you pretty much have all your bases covered.

6. All of your dogs are AKC Champions but you neglect to explain that AKC stands for Apple Kandy County fair and your dogs win the ugly dog contest every year.

5. You say your dogs are show dogs and go to shows regularly but fail to mention the shows you take them to are at the drive in.

4. You guarantee your dogs to be perfectly healthy and will never have any vices. You never worry about anyone coming back to you because after every litter you buy a new disposable phone, get a new kennel name and website and about the time every litter is weaned your landlord has finally completed the paperwork to have you evicted from the rental house you never paid rent on.

3. You are the know it all on every message board who has an answer for every issue and 95% of the people have blocked you and the other 5% wish they could but cannot figure out how.

2. Your dog’s claim to fame is sniffing an Australian Shepherds rear end as the security guard escorts the two of you off the show grounds.

1. All of your past ring accomplishments sound familiar to people and then they realize you are imitating the life of Harlan Pepper from “Best in Show”


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