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I posted the MarSue (marketing scheme) Aussie on my personal Facebook account partly since I was annoyed Stinger woke me up at 4:30 in the morning and then I was shocked alive to see these non Aussies being sold as Aussies.  So we were all trying to figure out what they really were, Papillion/Jack Russel/Hound??? 

Then one of my friends made a horrifying discovery - they had a dog in their bloodlines that was from her kennel.  A sad story - a lady came to her wanting a conformation dog that could do agility.  Kate's kennel Rainydays is one of the finest performance/conformation kennels around (Stinger and Memphis' grandmother is CH Rainydays The Beat Goes On).  Super athletic dogs and Kate and her late mother are some of the finest breeders around.

So in good faith she sold this lady a male dog with full breeding rights.  Her faith in this woman was shattered when she bred the dog and sold all of the puppies to the Missori puppy mills.  So when you see those mill dogs with the words *Champion pedigree* it more than likely could be from Kate. 

And she is horrified.

And she is angry.

And there is NOTHING she can do about it.  She sold the dog and has no rights and now puppy mills all over the country have her dogs (some starting their breeding *career* at TEN months) and it makes her sick.

The kennel her and her mother have built is used to sell over priced puppies whose parents have no value but their reproductive organs.  I feel so bad for her and it just strengthens my resolve that NO puppy will leave here with breeding rights free and clear.  If they are full registration then I will stay on as a co-owner until they are spay or neutered.

A great lesson for all, including the people who think it is strange breeders will not just sell a puppy with breeding rights.

Happy Four Day Birthday Babies!

I went to visit the babies - everyone is doing GREAT, they are all coming on strong and doing well. Momma Gemma is a great mom and all of the puppies are thriving.

There are updted photos on their littter page.


The MarSue Aussie

Stinger is a brat, Stinger likes to whine when he is bored.  Stinger woke me up at 4:30 - he is so lucky he is adorable.  So of course I cannot go to sleep so I mindlessly surf the internet.  Well now I am awake.

The MarSue Aussie - holy crap I could not make up this train wreck if I tried.

A new line of Mini Aussies - which means something got to one of our girls and we have NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT so lets say we meant for this train wreck to happen.  Put it this way in the most basic terms, if these pups found their way to Animal Control do you think they would even put the word Aussie in them?  Ah NO.

But never fear, our noble guardians of the new line (marketing scheme) are not allowing breeding rights.  WHEW.

Oops, these are CKC dogs.  I do not mean Canadian Kennel Club (eh) I mean Continental Kennel Club which is a paper registry.  Which means for less than a meal at Outback you can get a piece of paper that says your dog is registered.  I could get my cat CKC papers.

So if the buyer (who we already know would need an IQ less than my cat to pay 700-900 for these dogs) wanted to they could breed these for their own dynasty.  I feel like I should run out and grab one before they are gone, operators standing by!

I will save their buyers 600-800 dollars.  Go to your local shelter, pick out a homeless puppy and then register it with CKC.  And you could save a life.

Things like this are what drive me insane.  No health testing, no standard but you are paying a lot of money for a mutt.

Capitalism at its finest

Not a Picnic at the Garden

I totally forgot to finish my thoughts on Westminster...mostly because I was unhappy with the results.  The thing is the Garden is the hardest show to win period - and the most politics at play.  Dogs and handlers will literally stand at the entrance and see who ends up showing to make a split second decision of showing.

Most people do not get how hard it is to win, a great record can be doomed by a bad placement so some retire quietly walking from the ring never to compete that last time.  My favorites were Swagger the Old English, Classie the Min Pin and Nathan the Bloodhound and my surprise was the addition of FiFi the Doberman (I turn into a 13 yr old Belieber when she is around)

So I started Monday night off in a huge ball of SUCK with Swagger (my pick for BIS) losing.  I threw a big baby fit.  Was happy about Nathan and Classie but UHG.  I also well in LOVE with the Walker Tree Coonhound (I want one).  So I figure Tuesday will be better.


First FiFi (the best Dobie to walk the planet) did not even make the cut.  If I was pissed for Swagger imagine my anger for FiFi.  Yeah I made a voodoo doll.  Jamie got a Select with Spartacus the Mastiff so it was a sucky day.

Team Classie, sensing that my luck sucked, politely reminded me that perhaps the MinPin should not be in my list of favorites.  Same with Nathan, wow that hurts.  So I stuck with Mattisse who as usual walked away with his Working Group.

I had been discussing the fact that the Corgi had no shot to win BIS and I was correct, dwarf dogs with big assed tails are NOT gonna win BIS at the Garden.  When Malachy the Peke (who I totally love DO NOT JUDGE) won it was bad enough but a Roomba is cute and cuddly.  Corgis are ....well CORGIS (and Corgi lovers do not complain, you KNOW what I mean).

So BIS comes out, Sky the Terrier (robot), Poodle (OMG the topnot looked so tight it was painfeul to look at), Classie (cannot look at Kiss of Death), Nathan the darling Bloodhound (see Classie), Corgi (another Herding Dog not gonna win) Irish Water Spaniel (the other water dog NOT named Matisse).

To me it was all Matisse - he owned the ring. Hands down (and while I appreciate him I am not a fangirl).  So of course he did not win.  My two least favorites.  THE BORING CHOICES

Damn Poodle and the Terrier (snore).

So once again a small dog wins (sorry Classie you were my only small dog choice I really wanted), herding dogs were screwed by Swagger being dumped and I was firmly living in Bitterville.

On to next year!

The Joke is on ME!

I have been joking that Shirley and I will be keeping a red merle girl fully knowing that the chance was basically NONE.  I mean Briarbrook wiped out their red so Gemma's chance of being red factored was miniscule.  Actually as close to zero without being zero.

So much for statistics....

I got a call from Shirley "No need for the extra, she had the pups"  WHAT she is about a week away I thought.  Well it seems Stinger and Gemma must have snuck around the bush without anyone knowing a bit early.  They were here.

Shirley was perplexed on the color of one.  "It is brown" she said.  Brown?  I searched for some reason a puppy would look brown, then it hit me Oh My Goodness it is RED...OMG Gemma defied the odds and is red factored!

I literally drop my son off and start driving to Shirleys.  THen I get another call, yeah a couple of those black tris are red too.

Final count 3 girls 1 blue merle, 1 red merle, 1 red tri, 4 boys 1 blue merle, 2 red tris 1 black tri.  Gemma looks great, the pups are all feisty and healthy,  And which is my favorite?  Oh yeah red merle girl!  HA HA HA

Oh and pictures are posted here!


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