Not a Picnic at the Garden

I totally forgot to finish my thoughts on Westminster...mostly because I was unhappy with the results.  The thing is the Garden is the hardest show to win period - and the most politics at play.  Dogs and handlers will literally stand at the entrance and see who ends up showing to make a split second decision of showing.

Most people do not get how hard it is to win, a great record can be doomed by a bad placement so some retire quietly walking from the ring never to compete that last time.  My favorites were Swagger the Old English, Classie the Min Pin and Nathan the Bloodhound and my surprise was the addition of FiFi the Doberman (I turn into a 13 yr old Belieber when she is around)

So I started Monday night off in a huge ball of SUCK with Swagger (my pick for BIS) losing.  I threw a big baby fit.  Was happy about Nathan and Classie but UHG.  I also well in LOVE with the Walker Tree Coonhound (I want one).  So I figure Tuesday will be better.


First FiFi (the best Dobie to walk the planet) did not even make the cut.  If I was pissed for Swagger imagine my anger for FiFi.  Yeah I made a voodoo doll.  Jamie got a Select with Spartacus the Mastiff so it was a sucky day.

Team Classie, sensing that my luck sucked, politely reminded me that perhaps the MinPin should not be in my list of favorites.  Same with Nathan, wow that hurts.  So I stuck with Mattisse who as usual walked away with his Working Group.

I had been discussing the fact that the Corgi had no shot to win BIS and I was correct, dwarf dogs with big assed tails are NOT gonna win BIS at the Garden.  When Malachy the Peke (who I totally love DO NOT JUDGE) won it was bad enough but a Roomba is cute and cuddly.  Corgis are ....well CORGIS (and Corgi lovers do not complain, you KNOW what I mean).

So BIS comes out, Sky the Terrier (robot), Poodle (OMG the topnot looked so tight it was painfeul to look at), Classie (cannot look at Kiss of Death), Nathan the darling Bloodhound (see Classie), Corgi (another Herding Dog not gonna win) Irish Water Spaniel (the other water dog NOT named Matisse).

To me it was all Matisse - he owned the ring. Hands down (and while I appreciate him I am not a fangirl).  So of course he did not win.  My two least favorites.  THE BORING CHOICES

Damn Poodle and the Terrier (snore).

So once again a small dog wins (sorry Classie you were my only small dog choice I really wanted), herding dogs were screwed by Swagger being dumped and I was firmly living in Bitterville.

On to next year!

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