The MarSue Aussie

Stinger is a brat, Stinger likes to whine when he is bored.  Stinger woke me up at 4:30 - he is so lucky he is adorable.  So of course I cannot go to sleep so I mindlessly surf the internet.  Well now I am awake.

The MarSue Aussie - holy crap I could not make up this train wreck if I tried.

A new line of Mini Aussies - which means something got to one of our girls and we have NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT so lets say we meant for this train wreck to happen.  Put it this way in the most basic terms, if these pups found their way to Animal Control do you think they would even put the word Aussie in them?  Ah NO.

But never fear, our noble guardians of the new line (marketing scheme) are not allowing breeding rights.  WHEW.

Oops, these are CKC dogs.  I do not mean Canadian Kennel Club (eh) I mean Continental Kennel Club which is a paper registry.  Which means for less than a meal at Outback you can get a piece of paper that says your dog is registered.  I could get my cat CKC papers.

So if the buyer (who we already know would need an IQ less than my cat to pay 700-900 for these dogs) wanted to they could breed these for their own dynasty.  I feel like I should run out and grab one before they are gone, operators standing by!

I will save their buyers 600-800 dollars.  Go to your local shelter, pick out a homeless puppy and then register it with CKC.  And you could save a life.

Things like this are what drive me insane.  No health testing, no standard but you are paying a lot of money for a mutt.

Capitalism at its finest

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