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I posted the MarSue (marketing scheme) Aussie on my personal Facebook account partly since I was annoyed Stinger woke me up at 4:30 in the morning and then I was shocked alive to see these non Aussies being sold as Aussies.  So we were all trying to figure out what they really were, Papillion/Jack Russel/Hound??? 

Then one of my friends made a horrifying discovery - they had a dog in their bloodlines that was from her kennel.  A sad story - a lady came to her wanting a conformation dog that could do agility.  Kate's kennel Rainydays is one of the finest performance/conformation kennels around (Stinger and Memphis' grandmother is CH Rainydays The Beat Goes On).  Super athletic dogs and Kate and her late mother are some of the finest breeders around.

So in good faith she sold this lady a male dog with full breeding rights.  Her faith in this woman was shattered when she bred the dog and sold all of the puppies to the Missori puppy mills.  So when you see those mill dogs with the words *Champion pedigree* it more than likely could be from Kate. 

And she is horrified.

And she is angry.

And there is NOTHING she can do about it.  She sold the dog and has no rights and now puppy mills all over the country have her dogs (some starting their breeding *career* at TEN months) and it makes her sick.

The kennel her and her mother have built is used to sell over priced puppies whose parents have no value but their reproductive organs.  I feel so bad for her and it just strengthens my resolve that NO puppy will leave here with breeding rights free and clear.  If they are full registration then I will stay on as a co-owner until they are spay or neutered.

A great lesson for all, including the people who think it is strange breeders will not just sell a puppy with breeding rights.

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