We have a few shows in March that we are doing, hoping that Memphis can finish his conformation title...fingers crossed!  But April and May look to be filled with HERDING!  I am not sure who loves herding more - me or the DOGS.

So we will do the Herding Instinct Test which basically is a two and a half minute exercise where you show your dog has instinct and that you can manuever the sheep.  Then we move on to the Pre Trial test where you have to manuver around gates, change direction and then move the sheep again the opposite direction.

Once we finish those then we need to move on to trialing, Stinger I think we may do ducks and Memphis sheep or I may do them both with sheep who knows.  But herding is really fun and the people are great and the boys LOVE it (not so much Bummy she is lazy and would rather play with ME).

Now I need to send off the entries and hope we get in (trials only allow 50 runs per day).  We also want to be AHBA (American Herding Breed Assciation) and ASCA but for now I really want my AKC title.  Then I hope to move to agility and Rally.  The boys are pretty good on agility (mostly Memphis, Stinger has the grace of a Water Buffalo or Moose).

That is what I love about an Aussie - there are SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO with the same dog!  How cool is that!

Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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