Today is just one of those days.  A good friend of mine got some not-so-good health news which is kind of putting me in a tailspin.  I keep looking at the puppies to cheer myself up.

Then it happened, another second generation Back Yard Breeder popped up.  You would think that the local Aussie back yeard breeder would realize selling these puppies with full papers would be cutting into their market.  But no, they are not that smart so they sell a puppy extoling the *extreme high quality* and another sucker is born.  Now to be fair most of the buyer walk away, spay or neuter and go one their merry way.  But a few look at it as easy money.

I mean the dogs are show quality (just ask the BYB he will tell you) and people just want a pet and they can make a buck.  If you have read my blog long enough you know that showing to me is a small minority of what makes up the dog.  It is the temperament, health, physical structure, the trainability etc.  The way you etermine this is testing and competing.  Form and function.

Then you look at bloodlines and structure and health and make a decision to strengthen the breed.  Puppies are years in the making.  Don't laugh I plan at least a generation ahead - what I am looking to do next.  Making puppies is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Or you can call a breeder and say you want a black tri male with four white stockings and a collar and if he is old enough to breed so be it...see he bought pups from two local idiots and is going to set himself up as a breeder.  When asked about OFA screening he first said they were done (considering neither of his girls are 2 years old that is interesting) then he said he did not have to because the generations behind the dogs had been so they had to be clean.


So this dimwit began lecturing that some people just want a pet and that is his market, of course in his mind he plans to sell them for the same price I do.  So let me get this straight, I have spent at least $10,000 on each of my boys to show them, train them, do health tests (not counting the laptop Memphis owes me for frying it!) but he pland to just throw up a website and watch the money rake in.

Oh I forgot he already has one litter, only had two puppies.  One was born and the other was stuck, he explained he tried to get it out but he could not so THE NEXT DAY he took the mother to the vet (so lucky I could not reach through the phone to take him out).  So he is an idiot and incredibly poor dog owner.  The fact his dog did not go septic and die I am not sure.

But welcome the next generation...believing all the hype, doing no homework and producing sub standard puppies for the masses...and then another generation is born.

I will try to be less crabby tomorrow...just frustrating.

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