Puppy Pictures Updated

I went to visit the puppies this weekend.  They are getting so big, the pictures are updated.  They are about to go from gerbil phase to looking like puppies - I am going back on Thursday to visit them instead of the weekend because Stinger and I are going to a CAT Trial.

What is a CAT Trial?  A Coursing Ability Trial well here is a video.  Basically it is a chance for non-sighthounds to run like they are greayhounds.  It is a fun sport - Sugar has two titles so I thought it would be fun to let her brother try (Memphis who would probably like it the most cannot go because he is at a dog show)  So Stinger and I are going to try it.

I am not sure how he is going to do - he is kind of a slug.  So he is going to love it or look at me like I am insane.  Jamie laughed his butt off when I told him I was going to run him.  I hope I can get three qualifying runs to get our first performance title!

And hopefully Memphis can do well at the show in Tenessee (yeah MEMPHIS is in Tennessee LOL)


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