Long Night

I was heading to bed last night when I got a text, my friends girl who was scheduled for a C Section went into labor early.  I met her at the Emergency vet and luckily we had a 100% success!  All five puppies were born and all are doing well.  I of course got 2 hours of sleep and am so tired.

It just is kind of funny, the poor ER vet is not used to breeders coming in - I think we knew more about C sections then him (he did a great job)  We were going over plans for all of the puppies (you have to work on them to wake them from the anesthesia, made sure they were using Propofol (MDR dogs are very resistant to many anesthesias) and then not spaying vs spaying (you should never spay during a C Section unless forced to due to the loss of blood).

It all worked out and that is the best part!

I am going to take puppy pictures tomorrow - I am going to a CAT trial this weekend so I need to go early.  Cannot wait to see the babies!


Calabrone Australian Shepherds
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