Go Stinger Go

Raleigh show has not been kind so far.  Memphis has been reserve twice torturing me for that final major he needs!  Stinger is showing okay but the specials is deep (#1 Aussie in the country, 2013 Eukanuba winner and then Jamie's Special Richie) with three of the six male specials being in the Top 10 of the country. 

It is really tough because Jamie and Richie are right behind Stinger and Stinger wants his Daddy Jamie and keeps looking back for him - it is cute yet sad.

Today he was still rattled a bit but when he was focused he showed really well.  And it seems well enough to get Select to Trent the #1 Aussie in the county!  This is huge because this is deep show and he held his own AND is still learning the ropes.  Cannot thank Lenny enough for the great handling on Stinger.

Luckily the next few weeks we are not going to be seeing Jamie so Lenny and Stinger can get more in sync.

And we got four Grand CHampion points plus have one of our three majors and dogs defeated. Go RedDog!

Also please note THIS is untouched - this is 100% all Stinger!

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