Final Puppy Pics

I made the final trek to Albemarle yesterday to get new shots of the puppies.  At 7 weeks old you can really see what is in store in the future and I have to say the future is bright for these little monsters.  They are all super friendly and active, Shirley and her family have done a great job socializing them for sure.

What we did get was GREAT heads, strong fronts and real toplines - something I don't always see in the breed.  We also got some strange coloring that I had never seen.  Luckily I have some really good mentors that I could go to and cautioned us to wait and sure enough they were right.  We had three dramatic color changes.  And what is interesting t me I have seen more puppies with similar coloring posted on Facebook and the *know it all* answers were so wrong I actually reached out to the owners to caution them.

I don't run around living my life online - Facebook is not real life (I know shocking)  What I do have is a network of people I trust...implicitly.  People who have been in the breed and know the dogs in my pedigree and who want me to suceed.  When they talk, I shut up and listen.  Positioning yourself for success is finding people to trust that will tell you the truth.  And in some moments you listen to a truth you may not like but digest it and move on.

I am super lucky.

So what of these pups?  Well they all have spectacular homes.  Most wil NOT ever have a career in the ring and by my choice that was the plan.  NONE of these puppies were offered to show homes, all of them were sold before birth, many before conception.  I have no interest in building a show empire with my puppies all over the place.  Saying that there are three puppies who will be registed full registration to grow out to see the possibilities.

One is staying with us, the other two are going to people who have been waiting for years (one since Bummy's original litter)  If they don't turn out, they are staying as pets with their families - that is the ONLY show puppy I will sell.  My rules.Have you guessed who is staying?  She will be living with me, her Daddy, Uncle Memphis and Granny Bummy!  Welcome Calabrone Uwharrie Keep The Faith or FAITH.

Calabrone Australian Shepherds
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