It is not supposed to happen

I dropped Stinger off at the show yesterday.  Lenny was not there so Jamie babysat him for me.  He fussed at me for Stinger being fat - he is not fat he is just well big.  Thats the story I am going with.

As I drove off I kept thinking just let me get my 8 points to finish his Grand Championship.  Thats not much to ask right?

So I knew the Aussies showed late so at 3 I finally gave in and texted Lenny - no answer.  No worries he is in Groups.  Luckily my friend Carson sent me a message on Facebook that Stinger won Breed - AWESOME!  I quickly checked and that was 4 points.

Carson said Herding Group was going in and I was hoping for a placement.  Lenny's main dog in a German Shepherd named MegaBucks so he was showing him.  Jamie took Stinger in for Lenny.  Casron gave me a play by play and said Stinger looked AMAZING so I was hoping something behind MegaBucks (who has 11 BIS' in the last two months!)

I get a message we got a Group ONE....ummmm hang on STINGER????  I am hyperventalting - I mean a GROUP ONE???  Against an advertised, heavily campaigned and drop dead gorgeous German Shepherd?

My two year old part time REDDOG beat him?

I stopped breathing at this point - I got a text from Lenny that we won Group.  I asked him who was taking Stinger in Best in Show and the textwas to the effect Jamie was not letting the lead go.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get a Group One.  I mean I am a small breeder, I don't advertise nationally (just our breed magazine), I have a very young Special.  People like me are not supposed to win

Someone forgot to tell Stinger.

When I got the text I did not believe it - Reserve BEST IN SHOW!  I own and bred a Reserve Best in Show dog - I am so humbled and honored and happy.  Stinger just shows his heart out!

The best part is all of the friends that congratulated me - they actually were as happy as me.  I am just in awe.  So the next time you hear the little guy can't win, just have your own Stinger moment!


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