Memphis WINS

Everyone that knows me knows I absolutely HATE going reserve.  Reserve gets you no points, it does get you a flat ribbon and a hefty bill.  Day One of the Greenville cluster Memphis went Reserve to a 5 point major (the highest amount of points a class dog can get).  I was grumbly and sulking (okay I am still a good sport but I HATE RESERVE)

Today he was Winner's Dog for a 5 point major!  And now he has both majors and needs one point.  He and Lenny really get along - I think because Memphis wants to be a GSD.  Of course Stinger decided to dump his coat so he looks like he is about 12 months old and we have 11 specials so not much hope there BUT he is showing really well.

We are all having such a great time - we all get along down here which is GREAT.  It is so fun to hang out with people that enjoy your breed.

And then there is the SHOW - 2,000 dogs including the #1 and #2 dogs in the country!  I love them both but am in LOVE with Swagger the Old ENglish Sheepdog and have proclaimed him my boyfriend! 

He won Best in Show today and afterwards I was in the parking lot and who should amble by but the #1 dog Matisse!  I called his name and his eyes lit up and he was such a cuddler.  I actually teared up because I am living a blessed life being surrounded by friends and also these wonderful dogs.

I wish everyone could experience it.

Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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