Contact redirect has been down

I had not heard a peep off my website and thought it was too quiet.  Well it was, I found about 20 emails that never got sent to me.  I responded to as many as I could but feel so bad.  I pride myself on returning calls and emails and there are a bunch of people out there who probably think I suck.

The Stinger x Diamond puppies are starting to leave the nest.  One left earlier this week.  Three are leaving Sunday (all locals) and then the travelers who are going to other states will leave in a few weeks.  Everyone passed their CERF exams so they are all good to go.

We have one boy left but I did not really advertise until this week.  I wanted to get through all of the evaluations first so now we are looking for his home.  He is so stinking cute and very laid back.  I am sure he will find his family quickly!

Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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