Setting the record straight

I have had a LOT of people ask me why I am not using Jamie to show my dogs.  Let me just say there is no drama - I love Jamie to pieces there is no fight or anything.  Hate to tick off the rumor mill.

The simple reason is he already has a Special he shows - he shows for my dear friend (and now co-owner) Sharon Fontanini.  I have known this for three years, if I wanted a dog shown in Best of Breed Jamie would not be able to do it.  Jamie helped me choose the handler for Stinger - Lenny and Shelby Brown.  They are all good friends.  I am one of Sharon's biggest supporters.  When I am at shows I am the one texting her Deena (her special) results.  I am her biggest cheerleader in Groups if she wins over mine.  Sharon cheers my dogs on too.  NO DRAMA.

It makes sense to not have to pay two sets of expenses (one to Jamie and one to Lenny/Shelby) so the Brown's have my dogs now.  Lenny and Shelby will be showing Memphis and Celia this year to finish their Grand Championships and Stinger on a limited campaign this winter through next year and beyond.

Jamie is more than a handler he is my friend.  I love Lenny and Shelby too.  I trust them with my dogs.  People need to understand that once you get out of the classes it is a whole different atmosphere.  THis works for everyone and everyone is happy.  I usually do not get into dog show politics on my blog as I find it boring but I had a ton of people asking and so here it is.  The truth.  And honestly this truth is rather boring LOL.

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