Available Adults

Every once in a while a friend will let me know of a dog that is available that is not a puppy.  Many times it may not have worked out as a show prospect but is very well socialized, crate trained, housebroken (usually) and ready to be a friend.  I am NOT a puppy person myself!  I prefer them at 6 months and older so if you are like me then I may know of a dog that will work for you.

The great news on these dogs is we know their temperaments and they are usually ready to just walk into your life.  They have been immunized etc.  I will mention that NONE of these dogs will be available to a breeding home, any dog being placed will be with limited registration and either on a spay/neuter contract or with an agreement to be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age.

These are NOT throwaway dogs, they are just available to the right person.  If you are looking for some dog that fits this criteria contact me and I will give you the information.

No adults available at this time.

Calabrone Australian Shepherds
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