Standing at Stud

If you are interested in breeding to any of our boys this is a good place to start for more informtaion


Stud fees vary by male and also breeding type.  Frozen semen will be less expensive but will not include any gaurantees for conception.  We have frozen semen available on all males (Stinger, Memphis, Bacon and Coda) all have completed health testing and full stud fee will be required before semen is sent.  I have semen housed in Georgia and North Carolina and all the boys have DNA on file with either AKC / ASCA or both.  All of the boys are AKC and ASCA registered.


For live cover or cooled semen a non-refundable deposit of $500 is due before breeding and the remaning is due within three weeks after whelping or prior to release of registration.  If you are interested in live or cooled semen (currently Coda is the only male available, everyone else is frozen only) please contact me early as he is actively showing and arrangements will need to be made if he is not at home and the fees may change.


I have a reproduction specialist about 30 minutes from my home and a Fedex hub on the way which makes it simple to ship.


Minimum Requirements

  • AKC / ASCA registered only
  • OFA Hips / Eyes / Elbows
  • Current Brucellosis
  • Copy of pedigree and any titles



Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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