I wish I remembered the date but it was at a show in 2011 (I think Raleigh) and Aussies were showing late and I was sitting ringside and glanced into the adjacent ring which had toy breeds and I saw him, my gateway drug!  This cute little walking mop who just exuded charisma and joy and had such a presence.  I went and looked up who this dog was and found out his name - Palacegarden Malachy.
It was at that show I fell in love with the breed and made it a point to watch them show, especially if Malachy was in the ring.  Everyone told me all of these awful stories about the breed, but I was entranced.  I was screaming when Malachy won Best in Show at Westmnster and I just knew one day I wanted one of the dogs.  I continued to stalk the breed whenever I could and happened to meet David Fitzpatrick in a bench committee hearing (he was an expert witness) that I was part of and finally asked him about getting a pet Peke.
In those 10 years I have fallen in love with the breed.  In the past 4 years being owned by "Dear Leader" I realized that our lives are so much better with her in our life.  Mabel has also been an ambassador for the breed as everyone that has met her always comments on how they had totally changed their opinion on the breed. 
The thing is the Pekingese is a very difficult breed to show, this breed has been around for centuries and there are so many pieces in the puzzle and I just really love the fact that there are so many factors that go into showing one of these dogs.  This is not a breed that anyone could go and show and that really has intrigued me.  I have been studying the breed and pedigrees, because this breed is older there is so much history and that also makes it fun to learn.
We are excited about the new adventure and hope to have some great news coming soon!

Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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