These dogs do not live with me but are co-owned by me.  Any dog who lives at my house gets their own page and all others will be shown on this page.  Any dog bred by me with breeding rights is a co-own, but they live with their family.  For companion puppies I will be making their own page as well!  We love ALL of our puppies!


Name:  Dreamstreet Triple Tiara
Call Name: Izzy (DOB 6/18/15)
Pedigree:  CH Goldrest Cruisin For A Bruisin x CH Dreamstreet's Malibu Barbi
Owners:  Jodie Strait, Valerie Yarber and Denise Walters

I am so excited to be a part of this little girl's life.  The opportunity to own a girl from Denise and co-own with one of my favorite people in the world Valerie - was a no-brainer  Izzy will soon be hitting the AKC shows!


Name:  Calabrone Uwharrie Keep The Grace
Call Name: Cody (DOB 2/18/14)
Pedigree:  RBIS GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x CH Uwharrie Designated Party Girl
Owners:  Ben Young, Jodie Strait and Shirley Shaver

Cody is a wonderful spunky girl that should make a huge splash in the conformation ring and then in performance events (Daddy Ben is already planning to add sheep to his farm).  Ben was on the original waiting list for the Bummy x Lance litter and his patience has paid off!  He is getting the black tri girl I have been waiting for!  She has the right attitude and look and Ben is a great guy with a wonderful farm where they raise world class horses.  Cody hit the jackpot!


Name:  Clineland I Got Sunshine at Calabrone
Call Name: Sunni (DOB 6/9/14)
Pedigree:  RBIS GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x Diamonds Are Forever Clineland
Owners:  Jodie Strait and Becky Barnes and Taylor Wortham

Becky is just getting back into Aussies and contacted me about a conformation quality girl who could also do performance.  Right away I knew the puppy.  Since birth she has been fearless, gorgeous and running the pups.  Sunni is an absolute doll and Becky and her daughter Taylor have been great to work with!  I think they will be having a lot of fun with this girl!


Name:  Calabrone Never Miss A Beat
Call Name: TaylorSwift (DOB 3/9/15)
Pedigree:  RBIS GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x CH Clineland How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Owners:  Jodie Strait and Lorraine Archer

Lorraine contacted me and mentioned she wanted another puppy to do some performance events with and I offered her TaylorSwift.  Taylor is such a sweet girl and wants to be the center of your universe and at my house she had to settle for being a planet.  Now she gets to be the stars, moon and sun!  Lorraine has big plans for the two of them and I cannot be more thrilled!


Name:  Calabrone Snow Queen
Call Name: Elsa (DOB 4/28/15)
Pedigree:  RBIS GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x CH Uwharrie Lets Get That Party Started
Owners:  Jodie Strait and Lorraine Archer

Lorraine has done GREAT by my dogs (she also owns ShelBee on my Stinger Kids page) and said she wanted a conformation dog.  I had been toying with finding a co-owner for Elsa as I had some other litters coming and I only keep a limited amount of dogs but Elsa is...well ELSA.  It was an absolute no brainer.  And what a team they are, they have already received AKC points in limited showing.  Everyone shold want their first show dog to be a dog as amazing as Elsa!


Name:  Calabrone Floats Like A Butterfly
Call Name: Ali (DOB 6/9/16)
Pedigree:  RBIS GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x CH Uwharrie Lets Get That Party Started
Owners:  Jodie Strait and Alex Elgin

I met Alex in July at the Greenville Kennel Club and she and I have a mutual friend and she told Alex to find me at the show.  Alex has a passion for dogs and I took a leap of faith to co-own Ali with her.  I absolutely LOVE this puppy and Alex is doing all the hard work with her.  I am so proud of her and have high hopes for them.





Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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