Three More left the Nest

I took a ride over to David's to get paperwork filled out and help assemble puppy packets.  Three more puppies left (RTM2 still no name left earlier in the week).  Today Buzz (RTM3), ShelBee (RTM4) and Ruby (RTF4) left the nest.  We have two more leaving next week and then coordination of the three leaving the area have to be scheduled.

We still have one boy left, he is super nice, no idea why he has not been snatched up, it seems he has gotten lost in the sea of red but I know his home will be here soon!!  He is absolutely adorable and has tons of personality.  THere are a few people that have asked for info on him so I am sure he will have a home soon!

The vet came out today and gave shots and everyone was wormed.  All in all a great day.

We decided on a name for Stinger Clone (RTM1) Clineland This May Sting A Bit at Calabrone.  This May Sting A bit is what I wanted to name Stinger originally but my husband liked Stings Like A Bee better so that won.  He still does not have a call name - Stinger Clone is NOT going to stay ha ha ha.

On the other hand DeeDee has a call name (BTB1) but no registered name.  We will figure it out.

Bad news - Memphis' win photo seems to be lost and my ad is due so I have been panicking.  Somewhere out in photography land someone is going to get a photo of my dog and wonder why the heck they got it.  I am really upset but at this point resigned to the fact I will never get it.

I had to do the ad with a candid instead which really makes me sad.

Celia is fitting in well, it is like she has been here forever.  Such a sweet girl!  I think she and I are going to do some rally this winter.  She is so sweet!

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