Down to Five

Another three puppies left this weekend.  Two are now happily living in Tennessee and one is now a Texas girl.  I wantched the plane on my phone as baby Sunni got to her new family.  She came out of the trip in great shape and they are already in love with her!

The two in Tennessee are settling in well too!  We have two more leaving in two weeks.  One is flying to her new family in California and the other is headed to Alabama.  I was laughing to David being down to five is like having a normal size litter!

Luckily everyone is on Facebook so I can stalk the puppies.  We still have not named the girl we are keeping.  I like the name "I Live For Applause" from a Lady GaGa song, David likes Ecstatic Frenzy (which I told him sounds like a hyper Poodle) so we are still up in the air.  We still have the one boy available which I am puzzled by he is GREAT but I am sure his right home will come up!

Calabrone Australian Shepherds and Pekingese
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