Day 3 - Cats

Prada and Gabana continue to get better and better. They are playing up a storm and acting more like normal kittens.  Coach has flashes of acting normal and Dolce is better but you can tell feels puny still.  Absolutely no discharge from his eye when we medicated it (I clean it 4 times a day).  I am taking him to the vet tomorrow - the rescue will not reimburse but I want my vet to check his eye for me and maybe help to ensure we dont get cocidia or giardia going.

Gucci is progressing well - she is eating up a storm and is so sweet.  When I say emaciated I mean it she is hair and bones.  The fact she still has milk amazes me.  She is a good mommy.

I finally opened the paperwork that came with them and was floored.  I though these kittens were 3-4 weeks old.  Nope they were born 8/13/14 AT THE SHELTER.  Mom came in on 7/29/14.  The amount of rage I have I cannot express.  These little skeletons were in THEIR care using MY TAX DOLLARS or not using my tax dollars their entire miserable lives.

I know what a 6 week old kitten is supposed to look like and this is not it - they should be ASHAMED at minimum and in jail if it was up to me for animal neglect (please not this is NOT the Mecklenburg Animal Control it is another county).  I am horrified that they would allow poor Dolce to have an eye infection so bad he will probably lose an eye.  It is disgusting and if these are the people who are supposed to be the advocates for animals no wonder society is so messed up.

I have to walk away from typing more.  I wish PETA would spend more time cleaning up shelters than attacking people like me.  UN REAL

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