Hello 2016

I have really sucked in keeping up the Blog and as it is minutes after the beginning of 2016 I figured this was a good time to update. 

2015 was a great year for us - Stinger showed once a month-ish and showed that a nice dog can run with the big dogs and keep up.  At one point we actually were in the top 10 but I think we will end up in the top 15 Breed and Top 20 All Breed.  Considering we showed less than anyone else in the Top 20 I cannot complain at all.  We had some great wins including the AOM at Westminster and a bunch of lovely group placements and wins.  All in all a great year!

Looking to next year we are kind of building for the next generation.  I have a wonderful Stinger daughter in Elsa that we plan to send out this year.  Deuce will be finishing in conformation and then really pushing towards performance with him as well Memphis.  They both really like having a job.

Stinger will probably continue to show sparingly.  We are really going to focus on herding as I really want to show a good dog can do what he was born to do as well as be a winner in the ring.

We have some lovely litters on the way that I am excited about and am on some litter lists with some of the best kennels in the breed.  Stinger is our cornerstone but you need to have the entire puzzle which means we need to add some girls.

A friend of mine does Goals every year and I decided to follow suit:

2016 Goals

  1. Herding title on Stinger
  2. Performance titles of Deuce and Memphis
  3. Finish Elsa's Championship
  4. Show at a Specialty show
  5. Complete a Therapy Dog title

Long Term Goals

  1. Special a second generation Calabrone dog
  2. Win a ribbon at the USASA Nationals in Best of Breed
  3. Win a ribbon at Eukanuba
  4. Put an agility title on a dog (Memphis hopefully)
  5. Win a Best in Show




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