We Have A New Title

Stinger and I hit the road this weekend to drop his daughter Elsa off with Shelby and to try Lure Coursing.  Lure Coursing itself is only for sighthounds but they offer an event called Coursing Ability where other breeds can try the sport.  You have to complete the 600 yard course within two minutes and there is no winning time it is just a qualifying score or no qualifying.

Last year Memphis and I tried it on a cold and miserable weekend.  He got one qualifying score then decided it was stupid.  That ended his lure coursing career.  Since Stinger is still on vacation, we decided to try it.

The weather on Saturday was much better than the year before and we were 8th to run.  Sting was REALLY excited by watching the other dogs and so I had high hopes for him.  I was not dissapointed as he thought it was Awesome.  He got two qualifying legs on Saturday and would have run 100 times.  He loved it.

He was extremely proud of himself.  And I think he felt he deserved a treat as while I was talking to some friends he spied a lady sitting in a chair minding her own business eating a Big Mac.  He went from sitting into a shark and leaped up and took a hunk of her hamburger when she went to put it in her mouth.  He leaped about 4 feet!

I was mortified.  The people witnessing were laughing and luckily the lady (after making sure all her fingers were attached, gave him another bite.  He was a VERY bad dog.  I am glad everyone else was laughing.  He is such a dork.  Needless to say he did NOT get a hotdog that night.

Sunday's weather was not as good, it had rained all night so the course was soggy, Stinger did not care he literally dragged me onto the course and had an even more incredible run.  He was barking like a fool before, during and after.  He was kept on a tight leash and not food was stolen but he did get a new nickname The Hamburglar.

Despite that he did get a new title and so now he is RBIS Silver GCH Bayshore Stings Like A Bee CA.  We will work on the next level the Coursing Ability Advanced next!

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