Elsas Big Adventure

Elsa went to Florida with Shelby to get acclimated to shows and learn to be a show dog.  The Florida circuit goes for 3 weeks and has 14 days of shows, it is a long grind but is outdoors and the weather is usually good.  We entered Elsa for the midweek shows during the second week.  The hope was she would be used to the people and hub bub by then.

Showing a 6-9 puppy is something you have to do with an open mind.  This is a time to learn, not to worry about points.  I feel like it is a Best in Show if they are not excused.  They just need to go in and have fun.

On Wednesday Elsa had he first go.  Shelby had ring conflicts so she asked for the puppy class to go last in bitches versus first.  The judge was fine with that so she literally never left the ring.  She stood good for examination but Shelby focused on her standing versus a great stack.  SHe won her class of one LOL but that was it and we called it a great day.

Thursday Shelby elected to not show her due to conflicts and also because she had been so good she did not want to have to rush her in the ring.  I was totally fine with it as this was more about her getting out then actually showing.  We decided instead to let her play with the Golden Retrievers in the big pen and have fun.  She has a very long career ahead of her so I am in no rush.

Friday was horrible weather, a torrential rain storm hit and then that afternoon were terrible winds, so bad many people elected to not show their dogs as some were scared.  Elsa is afraid on NOTHING so Shelby decided to show her.  And to our surpise Judge Elizabeth Muthard gave Elsa Winners Bitch and Best of Winners!  The competition while small in number included two lovely bitches who had won 3 majors over the circuit! 

I about fell out of my chair when I got the whoto of Shelby and Elsa, Elsa looks quite pleased with herself and really is loving Shelby and the team.  She is off for a few weeks and then will hit another show in February and is staying with the Browns so she can learn to be a show dog.  I have never had a dog get a point thier second time out!

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