Things That Make You Go MMMMMMMMM

Let's just be clear, neither Steve nor I are foodies so do not be looking at this blog for anything out of the ordinary.  I did want to do one nice dinner and ended up with two places that looked really good and then found some cool pubs.  We initially had planned on the Savoy Grille but I cancelled it for two reasons.  First I wanted the Wellington and Steve did not want it (loser) but also the reviews lately were really bad.  This dinner was probably going to be north of $300 so I really wanted to not stress out so I swapped it out for Steak and Company which has really good reviews.  I chose the Picadilly Circus restaurant just to make sure that we got over in that direction.  The food looks good and the reviews are stellar.


The place I am really excited about is Padella.  Padella is a Michellin Star italian restaurant everything is made fresh and it looks mouth wateringly awesome.  It is over in the Borough Street Market area and we are going to dinner there one night.  I am italian myself so kind of picky about italian in a restaurant but their food looks A-MAY-ZING and I am excited to try it.  In fact my moth is watering just looking at it.


Steve wants to go to a real authentic pub and my guess is before the week is over we will be at a ton of them BUT I wanted to find a real old cool one and that would be Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub.  Basically it has been in existence in this form (originally built in 1538) since after The Great Fire in 1667 and had some very incredibly famous patrons like CHarles Dickens and George Orwell.  It is basically wedged in an alley on Fleet Street and I am told the food is mediocre but the history !!!  I am really excited to visit it!


With our hotel we do get 2 "three course meals" and I was all excited until I contacted them and was told that the meals were not at the actual restauarants but the bar next door.  The food is the usual burger fare and a bit disappointing so we will probably skip it.  I asked if we could swap for a lunch but thats a no go.  In the end its not a big deal.  I just know that if I want pub food I would rather go to a more historic pub than the one next door.  I also get that I am getting such a good deal it is not a problem and their restaurants are super expensive so no real complaints here! 

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