Pequest Who Tells Your Story

Registered Name: Pequest Who Tells Your Story
Breeding: GCHS Pequest Pickwick x Pequest Pousse Cafe
Call Name: Eliza
Breeder  David Fitzpatrick
Owners: Jodie Strait and Steve Strait
Handled By: ME!

AKC registered

Testing:  Pekingese have no health testing per the Pekingese Club of America

Titles: Pending.


As I mentioned when discussing Dear Leader (Mabel Who) I have been a fan of Pekingese since I met Malachy, but my first true stalking victim was Chuck (aka Pequest Pickwick) so when David sent me some photos of a few day old Chuck puppies I was squealing like a 12 year old girl finding out her parents bought tickets for her to a Boy Band.  It was incredibly painful to wait and wait and wait.

Did I mention I had to wait?  I had been on David's list for over a year and dutifully called every month to check and remind him I was still waiting.  Finally in May David said to make a trip up so of course I did and literally was terrified he would call and say well lets push the visit back.  I was so paranoid I was going to be late I left the hotel an hour early then sat at a gas station 5 miles from his out just so I would not get stuck in traffic!

When I got there David showed me a couple of litters but honestly the minute I saw Eliza I literally fell head over heels in love.  It reminded me of when I met Bumble Bee Strait - I just literally felt my heart leap out of my body.  I did look over the other puppies as well but I knew Eliza would be coming home with me.  I also got to play with Chuck and Wasabi and Chuck reminded me so much of Mabel (they are very similarly bred) and I wanted to steal him.  Wasabi thought about peeing on my purse and David told him not to and I said if he peed on it I would put it on a shelf with a plaque that read "Peed on By Wasabi"

I took Eliza to the Concord show and showed in the 4-6 puppy and she was a rockstar, she walked the ring (if you have not ever shown a Peke you would not understand how difficult it is to show them), stacked and everything.  I was so proud of her!  She met a ton of people and loved everyone - I really feel she and I will be having a ton of fun in the ring!  She was Worth the Wait!

Eliza's name comes from the Musical Hamilton and is a line where  they discuss Alexander Hamilton was almost lost to history but his wife Eliza steps into the spotlight and keeps him alive in the story of the United States.  I felt it was fitting as I hope Eliza helps to tell my story in the Pekingese breed.




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